Web-based augmented reality


WebAR is the quickest and easiest Augmented Reality solution that we provide. Working within the web-browser of a smart phone / tablet, there’s no need to download an App first to enjoy AR content.

Typically QR code activated, WebAR solutions give you the opportunity to create Augmented Reality content experiences intended for mass-market promotion, wherever your customers may be.

WebAR solutions make great additions to digital ad and EDM campaigns, OOH media, event, press, and print advertising. They are easy to access, straight forward to use, and incredibly engaging to interact with.

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Augmented reality types for product placement

AR Product Replacement

Replacing your physical product with an Augmented Reality equivalent lets you showcase it to anyone, anywhere, at any time, in a real-world setting. The process is simple – we create a real time 3D digital twin of your product, and make it available to your customers as a WebAR experience. AR Product Replacements are ideal for events and activations, plus they make a welcome addition to any traditional media campaign, by way of a simple QR code inclusion.

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Augmented reality types for product enhancement

AR Product Enhancement

Amplifying your product with extra layers of digital information gives your customers a much richer experience than stand-alone product placement – especially if your product is complex.

Augmented Reality product enhancement is simple - we work with you to create a unique user experience that orientates around the real product itself, where we translate your products narrative and key selling points into interactive AR content overlays, made visible via smart phone / tablet.

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Augmented reality for virtual try-ons

Virtual Product Try-on’s

Using Augmented Reality to help your customers “try on”, and get a feel for your products, wherever they may be, is a great way to influence and increase product purchase opportunity. We create a 3D digital replica of your product in the first instance, and present this to your customer’s as a real-time Augmented Reality projection that they access via their smart phone / tablet, and view in-situ, on screen.

Augmented Reality Virtual Product Try-on’s are hugely successful solutions for when actual products, one way or another, are not physically available, or not at the same location as the customer.

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Augmented reality for location experiences

Location-specific AR

Enhancing your real world environment with Augmented Reality content is a great way to increase foot fall, and give your customers an experience unlike any other.

Location-specific Augmented Reality involves attaching AR content to specific points in and around a certain area, that only become visible when the user is within the specified proximity.

Using location-specific AR gives you the opportunity to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, delighting your visitors as they journey through on a voyage of digital self discovery.

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Augmented reality for portals and environments

AR Portals & Environments

AR portals and environments gives users the opportunity to “step through the looking glass” (by way of their smart device) and immerse themselves in a digital world within which they can physically navigate through. AR portals and environments present a unique way of transporting the user to somewhere else: a destination, a future development, even a venue or visitor attraction.

Unlike a VR/Metaverse experience, an AR portal doesn’t require the user to wear a VR headset, they simply use their smart device as a viewer. The advantage of an AR portal is one of shared experience, in that the user maintains their presence with the real-world and those around them.

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Augmented reality for face filters

AR Face Filters and Masks

AR Face Filters and Masks are layers of digital content superimposed onto the face in real time, made possible via the smart-devices' front facing camera, then viewed on screen as if looking in a mirror.

Without doubt the most fun and engaging type of AR solution we provide to clients - as they make the person holding the device the star of the show. AR Face Filters and Masks bring a level of user generated interactivity to an AR experience that is unrivalled by any other form of digital content.

Hugely popular when integrated into social media campaigns, or as an event / experiential activation take-away, AR Face Filters and Masks also prove incredibly successful for brands whose products are typically worn about the face (cosmetics, eyewear), as they provide a “try-on” opportunity.

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