Augmented Reality POS Campaign: “Perfect Pour”

How do you enlighten drinkers and bar staff as to the ‘perfect Bulmers cider’? Simple, create an Augmented Reality Bulmers cider digital projection accompanied by Bulmers own guidelines for the ‘perfect pour’ direct to the user, on mobile.

This AR experience is both entertaining and engaging, and provides an innovative way to bring to life the premium quality credentials of Bulmers. In doing so, it also adds excitement and value to the Bulmers drinking experience and encourages consumers to seek out the 'perfect serve' wherever they drink Bulmers cider.
— Gillian Graham, Bulmers Brand Manager.

Adding a AR dimension to a real-world brand promotion, to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds at the point of consumption saw the release of the Bulmers ‘Perfect Pour’ AR Campaign; rolled out across 10,000 on-trade outlets and major supermarkets, through POS kits, sampling and digital channels, this Augmented Reality activation lets consumers point their device at their glass to activate dynamic serving instructions that show them how to pour the perfect Bulmers — wherever they were. They can also locate their nearest Bulmers pub, and browse Bulmers' showcase of cider flavours. What more could anyone ask for!?

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Agency Partner: Space

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