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Automating AR at events with Class

To launch the new Mercedes-Benz CLA at the Canadian Autoshow, we created an AR product visualiser, completed with custom specification functionality and data capture, to assist Mercedes-Benz Canada promote their latest model, despite the vehicle not physically being present.

We’re doing an Augmented Reality version of the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA, at the Canadian Autoshow. We’re able to capture the image of vehicle, while it’s not actually here. You can see it on the iPad, we get some specs on the vehicle and you can do some colour changes. People can see what the vehicle looks like in person, without it actually being there.
— Dana Wilson, Mercedes Benz CIAS CSR.

With the actual real-world vehicle still yet to roll off the production line, Mercedes-Benz Canada presented us with 3 project objectives:

  • Bring the car to life as realistically as possible.
  • Showcase the CLA's new technological innovations and colour configurations.
  • Capture potential customer data for use in subsequent personalised marketing activity.

Our solution was to create an AR Digital Twin – a complete, full size 3-dimensional real-time digital equivalent of the vehicle, that is viewed in-situ via tablet as Augmented Reality projection onto the Mercedes-Benz podium, from which perspective CLA customers could enjoy a familiar Auto Show experience, amplified by way of an AR twist.

Following its huge success at the Show with regards to driving awareness and sales, the CLA AR experience was adapted and featured prominently at several later trade shows including CES, as was released to the public with no less that 5-star reviews.

Partner Agency: Ignition

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