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Augmented Reality product visualiser

Qualcomm Vuforia Vision “Best Shopping App” Award winning AR experience created for Sea Ray, to support the sale and marketing of their flagship vessel, the L650 Fly. This AR product visualiser provides both interior and exterior 3D digital-twins, with prospective customers being able to “tour” every inch of the vessel via their own device.

We're so pleased with the consumer and critical reception the L650-Fly AR Experience has received. It's increasingly difficult to give people a totally novel experience; something they've never done before. We've had this Augmented Reality experience at several boat shows and VIP events where people are absolutely blown away at what they're seeing.
— Matt Guilford, Vice President of Marketing. Sea Ray.

Some might say that for this project, we really pushed the boat out. In truth, we did. Working with Sea Ray to create their AR experience gave us the opportunity to embrace two common digital sales tools; the Virtual Tour, and the product specification configurator, and combine them within an Augmented Reality framework to deliver a product sales and marketing tool that won the Qualcomm Vuforia Vision “Best Shopping App” Award, up against Samsung, and LEGO.

To ensure this AR experience was as close as possible to the real-world boat, down to the smallest detail, the actual boat design files were used to create real time renders that allowed us to take users on both interior and exterior tours, via their own smart device and give them the ability to configure their own vessel, instantly. For the interior tour we developed a highly intuitive, gyro-based interface for first-person perspective. And for the exterior, we opted with a marker-based AR projection to compliment Sea Ray’s own print marketing collateral.

Agency Partner: Ignition

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