AR for Marketing

Easily the most revolutionary tool for marketing since the release of the smart phone over a decade ago, Augmented Reality is a content delivery platform and visualisation tool that blends the physical and digital worlds together, delighting customers and content consumers every step of the way.

The very nature of an Augmented Reality experience itself has the power to strengthen brand perception, as well as heighten levels of customer engagement and subsequently increase conversion opportunity.

Now it’s even easier to integrate AR into your marketing strategies thanks to the continued evolution of the technology that’s behind it - most significantly the recent advancements in WebAR have removed the need to download an App in the first instance (a factor that many perceived to be a significant barrier to entry, for mass-market AR adoption).

With the next generation of wearable tech soon to be upon us, we’ll see further advancements in AR, as wearables will replace the smart phone / tablet as the AR content viewer.

For now, integrating AR into your Event & Activations schedule, your social media strategy, your print campaigns and OOH media has never been easier. In fact, we’re here to make it as easy as possible. So if you’re keen to understand how AR can increase your marketing efforts, whether you’re looking to provide your customers with an AR product experience, or amplify your customer experience, then let us know.

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