AR for Retail &

Amplifying your retail environment by integrating Augmented Reality into your real-world customer journey helps to keep you both relevant and meaningful when considering millennial and centennial shoppers.

Using Augmented Reality as a way in which to enhance your retail environment can manifest itself in various different types of AR application; AR Mirrors for ‘virtual try-ons’, which are particularly important now in the post-pandemic world where minimal touch / maximum sanitisation is of the utmost importance to keeping everyone safe.

In-store product enhancements that can confidentially ‘bring the product to life’ are particularly relevant to products that require power to be put into action, in order to see what they really do. Even creating a whole new AR environment in-store can be an attractor in itself to increase footfall. With the ever-increasing advancements in wearable tech, specifically Smart-Glasses, the AR retail revolution is well and truly upon us.

If potential customers can’t visualise how a product is actually going to look they are more than likely to drop out of the buying process. Using Augmented Reality as a visualisation tool that allows potential customers to basically ‘drop & place’ your product in their own environment will see an exponential increase in online sales and significantly reduce the rate of product returns.

By successfully integrating Augmented Reality product recreation into your eCommerce platforms and channels, you are providing your potential customers with the opportunity to confidentially view in situ a fully sized and scaled 3D recreation that satisfies the two most important questions always asked by potential buyers; “Will it fit?” and “What will it actually look like?”.

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